Mr Swan met families affected by disability at the Labor Party’s Tasmanian state conference in Hobart on Saturday.


A media report this week said leaked internal polling suggested the ALP could be wiped out in the island state at the next federal election.

Labor currently holds four of Tasmania’s five seats, with independent MP Andrew Wilkie holding the formerly safe ALP seat of Denison.

The state was announced as a launch site for the NDIS last week.

“It’s got nothing to do with the seats,” Mr Swan told reporters after delivering the conference’s keynote address.

“We’re announcing a major reform for the nation.

” … We’re here to right a wrong that has been experienced by too many Australians right across our country.”

Describing the poll report as “not worth the paper it is written on”, Mr Swan said the government was merely putting in place the services the public expected.

“This is not something that was even thought of by our Liberal opponents who were in government for 12 years,” he said.

“We’re not here for political reasons, we’re here for the families that we’ve joined with today.”

Mr Swan said the government was still working through the scheme’s costings for launch states such as Tasmania before the scheme’s full implementation next year.

He delivered a broadside against his home state of Queensland for premier Campbell Newman’s unwillingness to join the scheme.

“We’ve got a very cold-hearted premier up there who’s playing a very brutal political game and sadly Australians with disabilities in Queensland are going to be left behind under Mr Newman,” Mr Swan said.