Tasmania’s Opposition leader Will Hodgman has used his address at the Liberal state council to tell ALP voters the only way to end power-sharing with the Greens is to elect his team.


“We’ll need those Tasmanians who voted Labor at the last election, including those Tasmanians who have always voted Labor, to vote Liberal,” Mr Hodgman said on Sunday.

“If they want to get rid of the Greens at the next election, they will have to vote Liberal.”

The Labor government of premier Lara Giddings is in coalition with the Greens.

The ALP and Liberals have 10 seats each in the 25-seat lower house, with the Greens holding the other five.

Polls show Labor is unlikely to win a majority at the next election, due in March 2014.

The Liberals blame the Labor-Green alliance for the state’s struggling economy, in particular the massive downscaling of the forestry industry.

“No poll or pundit says that Labor can win the next election in its own right,” Mr Hodgman told delegates.

“It’s clear that the only way that Labor can win is if they do another deal with the Greens.

” … I say to those Labor voters, you can vote Liberal and we will not let you down.”

Mr Hodgman refused to form a coalition with the Greens after the 2010 election and has again ruled it out.

“It was the toughest political decision I’ve ever made and it was the best political decision and I’d do it again,” he said.

The party in Tasmania is now one of only two Liberal oppositions in states and territories across the country following the election of the Country Liberal Party (CLP) in the Northern Territory on Saturday.

“People say I’m a nice bloke but I don’t think you could meet a nicer bloke than (CLP leader) Terry Mills,” Mr Hodgman said.

“He is highly competent and he will no doubt lead a very effective government in the Northern Territory.”