With more than half of the votes counted in today’s Northern Territory election, there has been a major swing against the Labor government of Chief Minister PAUL HENDERSON.


Both the ABC and Sky News predict a change of government.

The Terry Mills’ Country Liberal Party is expected to hold at least 14 seats in the 25 seat assembly and possibly as many as 16, while Labor may have eight.

With 55 per cent of the vote in, figures indicate a six per cent swing against Labor and a four per cent swing to the CLP, while the Greens are down one per cent.

The new First Nations Party, that aims at representing indigenous interests, has more than two per cent in counting so far.

Most of the swing against Labor has reportedly been in bush and rural areas of the Northern Territory.

With the current parliament deadlocked with equal ALP and CLP numbers the loss of just a single seat could spell electoral loss.

In the key inner Darwin seat of Daly there’s a swing against the sitting members Rob Knight, who is the Northern Territory Attorney-General, and on two-party preferred terms the CLP’s Gary Higgins is ahead with 52.1 per cent of the vote.

There are around 125-thousand registered voters in the Northern Territory and preliminary results are likely start to become known after 10pm (AEST).

In the current NT Legislative Assembly both the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Country Liberal Party (CLP) are deadlocked on 12 votes each, with Independent MP Gerry Wood supporting a minority Labor government.

Betting agencies have installed the CLP as favourite to win the election, which if proved correct would bring to an end 11 consecutive years of Labor governance in the NT.

Sky News reports its exit poll is showing a swing away from Labor in key seats but the swing is not large enough to guarantee the CLP will win.

Early on Saturday Chief Minister Paul Henderson said he was confident the ALP could win and he was “absolutely ready” to lead for another four years.

“The feedback I am getting (is that) there has been a good vibe around the place,” he told reporters after voting.

CLP leader Terry Mills said he had done all he could to win office.

“We have made a very strong case for change and we can’t do any more,” he said after voting.

The ALP is holding its main election night event at Darwin’s Turf Club, while the CLP will be at the Darwin North RSL.

Mr Henderson said if he won the first thing he would do was thank the people across the NT.

If the CLP takes power Mr Mills said the first words out of his mouth would be it’s “time for change”.